Hi! My name's Owen 👋

I grew up in a small village in North Wales 🐑 & spent my teenage years playing rollercoaster tycoon, trying (& failing) to build my own computer games, became obsessed with pixel art & eventually moved to Leeds to study Product Design.

Once I graduated, I started freelancing with a friend & had three part time jobs... night shifts at a bar, day shifts at an american diner & flyering shifts on my days off. Oh yeah, I was also a landscape gardener for a few months at one point 🌿 

Slowly, our client base began to increase & I was lucky enough to help design the SLPY 'wearable sleeping bag'. With another one of our buddies joining the team, we decided to set up an agency called Attacking Design. Somehow, we were accepted on to the Entrepreneurial Spark 💥 accelerator, where we soon discovered that the traditional 'product design agency model' had some huge flaws. I'm talking major, major flaws.  

So, we decided to shut-down our agency & launch a new service called 'Invent Me', using cash we'd borrowed & anything earnt freelancing under a new company called Doodle Me. We had a grand vision & were making progress... until nearly a year into the project we realised that we had slightly underestimated the scale of what we were trying to deliver. Extremely underestimated it, you could say. We were also unable to borrow any more money & made the tough decision to freeze Invent Me ❄

To begin paying back my debt, I found a job as a barista, working full-time whilst freelancing between shifts. Not too sure if it's a coincidence, but soon after I helped set up a weekly drinking group called Leeds Digital Drinks 🍻 Two months in, we asked the co-founder of Futurelabs, a not-for-profit tech co-working space, if we could run an event called 'Founders Friday' to support & showcase local tech founders.

Although the first event was a bit of a disaster, we continued to host #FoundersFriday on a monthly basis. I was then asked if I would like to start making coffee for the members of the hub, rather than the general public ☕ Time has flown by, everyone's caffeine intake has increased & the Futurelabs community has continued to grow & grow.


I've been settling into my role as Junior Digital Artworker at Intermarketing, working on some super exciting briefs for clients including: Adidas, Reebok, Co-op and NSPCC. About to start learning Adobe After Effects, which is kinda swell as i've always wanted to give animation a shot 🤓
Thanks for reading & stay smiling :]
Oct - 17